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Three Adoption Stories

We partnered with PragProg to give you a free chapter from the upcoming Adopting Elixir  book!

In this chapter, the authors shared their adoption stories and what questions and challenges these experiences prompted.   

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The book

Adopting Elixir is written by Ben Marx, José Valim and Bruce Tate and published by PragProg.

This book was written for the Elixir community who are adopting this new language or for those who are planning to adopt it in the near future. It’s a functional, concurrent, distributed language. You will see through the chapters the whole adoption lifecycle, from concept to production.


  • Team Building
  • Ensuring Code Consistency
  • Legacy Systems and Dependencies



  • Making the Functional Transition
  • Distributed Elixir
  • Integrating with External Code



  • Coordinating Deployments
  • Metrics and Performance Expectations
  • Making Your App Production Ready



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About the Free Chapter 

Three Adoption Stories covers:


  • An acquisition story - icanmakeitbetter
  • Bleacher Report Improves Performance and Reliability 
  • Plataformatec Supports Early Adopters
  • Embracing End-To-End Adoption


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