What's new in Ecto 2.1 FREE ebook

Free ebook: What's new in Ecto 2.1

In 11 chapters, this ebook explains how to use Ecto as a data-centric tool and its new features:

  1. Ecto is not your ORM
    A look into ORMs and what sets Ecto apart
  2. Schemaless queries
    Keep the database at your fingertips without the need to intermediate all operations through schemas
  3. Schemas and changesets
    Cast, validate and control changes to any schema or struct, independent of the database
  4. Dynamic queries
    Compose queries gradually by relying on data structures and the new dynamic macro
  5. Multi tenancy with query prefixes
    Mediate access to multiple instances with Ecto's query prefixes
  6. Aggregates and subqueries
    Aggregate columns and write queries that were not possible before with subqueries
  7. Improved associations and factories
    Learn how Ecto has unified and improved association support and how to leverage it in your apps
  8. Many to many and casting
    Use `many_to_many` associations to cast data received from a form or any external source with cast_assoc
  9. Many to many and upserts
    Have granular control over your associations with put_assoc and the new "upsert" (update or insert)
  10. Composable transactions with Ecto.Multi
    Simplify control flow logic and remove boilerplate when working with transactions
  11. Concurrent tests with the SQL Sandbox
    Leverage all of your machine power by running database tests concurrently

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This ebook was written by José Valim, creator of Elixir and member of Ecto and Phoenix teams.

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