5 Strategies to Improve Software Development Workflow FREE ebook

Free ebook: 5 Strategies to Improve Software Development Workflow

It looks there is a pattern on software projects. There are always urgent demands, bottlenecks, people feel the project will never end. The productivity is low, in spite of that people work overtime, and yet nobody is able to predict deliveries. The result is dissatisfaction among teams and stakeholders, and a lot of waste.

Even worst, in the middle of chaos, it is hard to notice what is the most critical problem.

The ebook 5 Strategies to Improve a Software Development Workflow is a guide to help you organizing your software development workflow through these strategies:

  1. Start with work in progress - organize it and make it flow;
  2. Reduce work item size - make it flow quickly within the system;
  3. Promote collaboration - create a collaborative environment to generate synergy in the work system;
  4. Do the right thing - select the right work items avoiding waste;
  5. Make results tangible - give visibility to achievements and gain predictability;

By applying these strategies correctly, you will balance productivity, enhance delivery predictability, maximize value, motivate team members, satisfy stakeholders, and above of all, build a sustainable workplace.

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