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Phoenix for Rails Developers

This book was written for experienced Rails developers, and it will help you understand the similarities and differences between Rails and Phoenix, covering diferent topics while building a real web application.

It is an exclusive partnership between Elvio Vicosa, the book's author, and Plataformatec, to provide you an exclusive free version of the first two chapters.

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The book

Every topic is part of a feature implementation and the combination of all of them is the application itself.

  • Defining URLs
  • Handling different types of requests
  • Request parameters
  • Rendering HTML templates
  • Using static assets
  • Querying the database
  • Database structure and migrations
  • Database mapping
  • Using external dependencies
  • Sign up and Sign in of users
  • Restricting access to specific areas
  • Testing


Chapter: Phoenix

This chapter explains the main differences between Rails and Phoenix, and the advantadges in adopting this framework.


Chapter: Getting Started

This chapter covers how to set up the environment and how to create a Phoenix application, that will be used in every chapter.


About the Author 

Elvio Vicosa has been working with Ruby and Rails for almost a decade now. Currently works as CTO at volders, a Berlin based company, where he is leading the migration of our Rails projects to Phoenix. 

Phoenix for Rails Developers