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Thinking Functionally

The imperative and object-oriented languages mindset doesn't work when coding in a functional language like Elixir. To get the best of it, you need to think functionally.

Our team member Ulisses Almeida* and PragProg are releasing the book Learn Functional Programming with Elixir. We have reached them out and they allowed us to give away the first chapter of the book: Thinking Functionally.

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The book

Get started in functional programming techniques and the Elixir language by reading the book Learn Functional Programming with Elixir*; then you'll be able to build unbelievably fast and reliable web applications.

In seven chapters, you'll learn functional programming concepts (immutable data, pattern matching, and recursive functions) at the same time you'll learn the Elixir language syntax.

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* The book was written by our team member, Ulisses Almeida. It's in beta, so there may  be some typos and small fixes to be made.

Chapter 1, Thinking Functionally

This chapter focuses on the functional programming concepts and why that matters. You'll understand the mindset required to program functionally with Elixir and learn these three core principles:

  • Immutability
  • Functions
  • Declarative code

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Take advantage of multicore, shorter and explicit code.
Learn Functional Programming with Elixir.